Let’s Move Beyond Guilt

America loves stories of redemption for those who are wrongly accused and incarcerated. But what about those who admit guilt — are they worthy of compassion, redemption and freedom?

The story doesn’t stop at “guilty”

Beyond Guilt aims to do for over-punished prisoners who admit guilt what innocence projects have for wrongfully convicted persons who claim actual innocence. Beyond Guilt is one answer to criminal legal system reform efforts that focus narrowly on a more palatable side of the reform movement—freeing innocent prisoners and people convicted of low-level, non-violent offenses at the expense of individuals convicted of more serious offenses, including violent crimes.

Beyond Guilt is a project launched by the Ohio Justice & Policy Center, located in Cincinnati. Right now, Beyond Guilt is a statewide advocacy project — and we will work to ensure that this work extends far beyond the Buckeye State.

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