Angelo Robinson

Angelo’s story reached a wide audience when he was profiled by The New York Times in July 2019.

Two weeks later, he walked out of prison.

Angelo was convicted of murder in 1997 in the killing of his friend Veronica Jackson. Angelo, who was selling drugs at the time, shot through a bedroom door after some men broke in the apartment to rob him. He thought he was shooting an intruder — unfortunately, it was Veronica on the other side of the door.

Angelo received a 29-to-life sentence.

While incarcerated, Angelo made the decision to rehabilitate himself. He learned trades: HVAC and forklift operation. He matured, having been only 20 when he entered prison.

Angelo still had another 7 years to go before seeing the parole board, but with help from the family of his victim and the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office, he was offered a plea deal that would get him out of prison. He took the deal — now, he will now get to rebuild his life and pursue his dreams.

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